Design Scent is an online store of global perfumes, and fragrant toiletry products. The range is extensive, the service excellent and the prices much lower than store prices, typically 40% to 85% discount.

The majority of the perfumes are Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum. The difference is simply the concentration or amount of perfume material in a given amount of solvent, by  far the most common solvent is alcohol. Eau de Parfum is approximately 7 - 15% of perfume concentrates. Eau de Toilette comes in at a lower level between 1 and 6%. Perfume or extract or extrait parfum is the most expensive of the fragrance blends because of its purity and high concentration, typically between 15 and 40%. Eau de Cologne was made popular by Bonaparte and is used interchangeably with Eau de Toilette and lighter, still sometimes referred to as Parfum Fraiche when there is a decided citrus note in the cologne.

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